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The world has undergone many changes since the beginning of modern revolution. The modern revolution has been an extraordinarily positive force on the world. In fact, the three best thing s to have happened during the modern revolution so far are human population growth, inventions and discoveries, and advancements in medicine. One example of this is that the overall population of people have fluctuated a lot, but the human population continues to rise. Another example is that throughout the modern revolution there have been many new inventions that are used all around the world. Finally, a third example would be the advancements that have been made in disease control and vaccinations. Throughout the modern revolution the human population has risen significantly. One example of this is that between the years 1700 and 2000 our population has risen from .68 billion to 6.07 billion (Text 01). This is a very large increase in population. In addition, based on the trends it is expected that by the year 2100 our population will have risen to 9.46 billion (Text 01). Also, between 1700 and 2000 the life expectancy rose from twenty-seven years to sixty-five years (Text 01).…show more content…
One invention being the Solar cell invented in the year 1954 has allowed us to become a more renewable and green society (Text 04). The solar cell is used all over the world now in fact at here at CFS we use solar panels, which are made up of solar cells. Another invention made in the year 1969 is the internet (Text 04). Without the internet there would be no need for this next invention. The computer modem which, was invented in the year 1958 (Text 04). This is something that we use everyday here at school it is used at office buildings to allow many people people to use wireless internet without the trouble of all the wires. While there were advancements technologically there were also medicinal

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