How Did African Americans Contribute To Society

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Native Americans, Africans, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Spanish, Dutchmen, and Irishmen made significant contributions to the development of America. I believe the Englishmen and Africans made the most contributions to the growth of our country. My opinion is both groups did it out of survival. The Englishmen did it to escape economic and political problems. Poor water quality, religious persecution, and overcrowding were factors in driving some Englishmen toward America. Englishmen came here with an ideal of how a society should be set up and ran. All they had to do was take the principles of England and change it to their liking. Africans were instrumental in the development of America because they were forced by slavery. They did it because they…show more content…
I consider the English to be the most influential in establishing America. The Englishmen were the first groups of people to arrive and start colonization. Englishmen left because of economic and political factors coupled with an increasingly limited amount of living space and resources. Water, religious persecution, and overcrowding in England were factors in driving some Englishmen toward America. Englishmen were instrumental in the development of America starting from Jamestown when Englishmen landed here and started new life and develop the first American society. It was the beginning of life as we know it now. This was the first established form of government. It established one equal and uniform government. It provided fair laws and governing of the people. The English were one of the earliest and largest societies to immigrate and leave Europe allowing English colonization of the Americas. In 1607, English settlement began in America with Jamestown in the Virginia Colony in 1607. Captain Christopher Newport sailed three ships the Discovery, Susan Constant and God Speed sailed from England to America and landed in Cape Henry. The second most…show more content…
Christopher Columbus had a Black African who was a very skilled Navigator named Pedro Alonso Niño. He was a navigator of one of Christopher Columbus ships during his expeditions in 1492. African on these expeditions were employed in map making and navigating. Some were even used in steering the ship. I believe one of the earliest famous black Americans was Harriet Tubman; she was instrument in moving slaves to safe areas to the North. She was an abolitionist, humanitarian, and a spy for the Union Army during the Civil War. She was born a slave and escaped and went on to make around thirteen operations to rescue seventy slave family and friends. Using a network of people against slavery and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. She later helped John Brown employ men for the raid on Harpers Ferry. The Underground Railroad was comprised of secret methods of escaping allowing fugitives and slave to escape north to free states and Canada. It included escape routes and safe houses along the way. These routes and safe house had people who were sympathetic to these people. These people were known as abolitionists and were both black and white people. These abolitionists risked their own safety to help these people escape slavery. To reduce the risk of uncovering the whole system, many people working parts of the Underground Railroad knew only their part of the plan and not of the whole scheme. The

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