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In Spain, during a time-span of 150 years between 1400-1550, art was a major part of Spain, and there were two major movements that took place: the Renaissance and the Plateresque. Many artists flourished, and the two movements played a big role in the success. These two movements were very influential to architecture, poetry, and other forms of art during the time period in Spain. In brief, the Renaissance was a movement that spread throughout Europe that eventually spread to Spain. On the other hand, Plateresque art was only to be seen in Spain, and it was the main architectural style for Spanish builders. In Spain, the Renaissance was not very influential to architecture. The buildings were mostly influenced by the Plateresque. The only famous building that was built in the Renaissance was the Charles V Palace that was built in 1526. Although the Renaissance wasn’t very influential to architecture, it was still influential to Spain in some ways. Paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art that weren’t buildings were impacted greatly by the Renaissance. Some of the more eminent painters in the Renaissance were people like Vincent Masip, Juan de Juanes, and Pedro Berruguete. Sculptures that sculptors like Alonso Berruguete and Juan de Juni made were also pretty famous. Probably the…show more content…
During this architectural phase, there were two distinct sub-phases – the Gothic-Plateresque and the Renaissance-Plateresque. The Gothic-Plateresque lasted from 1480-1521. During this time, artists used Mudejar ornaments – which were highly detailed and sophisticated decorative patterns. After the end of the Gothic-Plateresque period, there was a difference of four years until the Renaissance-Plateresque started. This period lasted from 1525-1560. The sculptor and architect Diego de Siloe helped initiate this phase, by constructing many buildings in the style such as the Granada Cathedral

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