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Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix is a promient artist who belongs French Romantism. He was born in 26 April, 1798 and had a fruitful life as an artist and died in 13 August, 1863. His hometown is Charenton which is in French and started to study art from age of 17 under Baron Pierre-Narcisse Guerin. He soon got influenced by his friend Frederic Chopin as an artist. One of his famous artpieces “Massacres at Chios: Greek Families Awaiting Death of Slavery” proved his ability to draw out the emotion of innocent victims and arrogant conqueror was the focus of the public attention in 1824. Then, he began to travel to London, Spain, Algeria and Morocco and absorbed the culture and style from each country. Especially travel to Morocco changed him to paint a lot of Arab subjects for the rest of his life. In his elder period, he did the work such as painting or decorating the walls or ceilings of governemnt buildings until his death. Delacroix loved to draw out the violence to his paintings and it is shown in many of his…show more content…
He used tint over forms that was drawn in lines, and used a lot of vibranting adjacent colours in his paintings. Even Gogh stated that, “Only Rembrandt and Delacroix could paint the face of Christ.” This proves his use of colours was very unique and beautiful that can even depicts the holiness of Christ. One of the most prominent impressionist, Edgar Degas, imitated Delacroix’s colouring techniques, and tried to combine Delacriox’s technique with the skill of Delacroix’s rival, Ingres, to his painting. Hereafter, post-impressionists or modernists like Picasso and Matisse also approached in Delacroix’s way to colour. Therefore, Delacroix was not only an inspiration for romantists in that period but also a start of impressionism and

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