Cinderella Vs. Tam In The Grimm Brothers

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Have you ever wondered where Disney got the idea for the classic movie "Cinderella"? They got it from different versions of the story from around the world. The German version, written by the Grimm brother's, was not originally made to be read by children. The Grimm brother's have created a more graphic version than the Vietnamese version, "Tam and Cam" . The Vietnamese version is delightful and doesn’t have the sister cutting off part of their foot to fit a slipper. Even though the Cinderella in the Grimm brother's version and Tam in the Vietnamese version share similar hardships, they have very different godmother figures, magical transformations, and cultural aspect. First things first, both Tam and Cinderella face similar obstacles in life. For example, they both sleep on the floor in the kitchen, and they both work from the early morning to late at…show more content…
In the Vietnamese version, Tam transforms quite a few time. The first time, was when she was transformed into a nightingale after her stepmother killed her the first time. After the king figured out that the bird was Tam, he kept her in a cage near his room. One day, while he was out, Tam's stepmother killed her again. Her final transformation was into a fair maiden hidden inside an apple. The king was going through the woods when her found her again, remarried her, and they lived happily ever after. In the German version, she was given magical slippers that fit only her feet. Both of her stepsisters cut off a part of their foot for the shoe to fit. Finally, when ever the prince rode off with Cinderella, the birds chimed " Rook di goo, rook di go! No blood's in the shoe. The shoes not to tight, This bride is right!"(Grimm's). This shows similarities between the magical transformations, because they both get transformed into to beautiful princesses, and got magical items. Despite all of the similarities in both stories, the cultural differences are

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