How Has Basketball Changed Over The Last 30 Years

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Once only played for bragging rights and for the spirit of competition professional basketball has changed over the past 30 years. Since its first game played at the YMCA in 1982 basketball has evolved into a part of American culture but how did it change to become what it is now? One of if not the biggest changes in basketball is a change in the rules and that controversial rule change is hand-checking. Hand-checking is when players are allowed to use his hands or arms to derail the movement of a player on offense, in other words, using physical force on another player. Hand-checking was banned in 2004 and during the 2005/2006 NBA season the league experienced its worst defensive season in recent memory. 10 players were averaging 25 points per game or more just to name a few Kobe Bryant (35.4), LeBron James (31.4), Dwayne Wade (27.2) and Allen Iverson (33.0). To the normal viewer, this may seem like nothing but during the 95-96 NBA season only one player averaged 30 points per game and that was Michael Jordan. With the removal of the aggressive form of defense, it allowed players on the offensive side to score more often leading to higher scoring totals. Another rule was change was used to help increases scoring and that was the three-second rule. The three-second rule states that a player cannot remain in the opponent’s restricted area…show more content…
The game of basketball has many stars that change the game in each era from the 70s to modern time. The new faces of the game continue to revolutionize it like Michael Jordan in the 90s, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the 80s, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in the 2000s and now Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and more in the 2010s. Each new player of each era adds a new dimension to the game of basketball this is how basketball is still around the unpredictability of the new faces during each

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