Conflict In Act 3 Scene 5 Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet, a well-known play by William Shakespeare reveals a major conflict between parents and children. Act 3 Scene 5 shows a change in a relationship between a parents and a child, which the audience can relate to in many different ways. Lust for love teaches a valuable lesson of a person’s true nature. Many kids have conflicts with their parents about getting good grades, being in a relationship or making right choices. A parent should handle the situation very calmly and without being impulsive unlike Lord Capulet. An increase tension between Juliet and her parents demonstrates the failure of a parental love. The scene begins at dawn; Romeo and Juliet are talking about Romeo departure and their love for each other. Later in the scene Juliet’s mother arrives believing that Juliet weeps for her cousin Tybalt rather than the fact that Romeo leaves for Mantua. To comfort Juliet, Lady Capulet plans to poison Romeo and Juliet agrees to poison Romeo so that he can be free from his misery. When Lady Capulet breaks the news about her marriage to Paris, Juliet refuses to marry Paris. In that scene Juliet has a conversation with his father and mother in in the middle of the hallway with two side staircase. Juliet interaction with his parents was in the middle of the hallway, very public…show more content…
You worthless girl! You pale face!” (III, 5,155). He didn’t even ask Juliet the reason why she didn’t want to marry Paris instead he insulted her. Lord Capulet threatens to disown Juliet; “but you can no longer live under my roof” (III,5,189). In this scene Lord Capulet’s true nature was revealed, he was very impulsive and a greedy father. He failed as a father and the only reason he wanted Juliet to marry Paris was because that will improve the wealth and status of his family rather than the happiness of their
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