Robert Reich Why The Rich Are Getting Poorer

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There is an immense aperture between the rich and the poor in America. Therefore, making a living is not as simple as it once was. In past generations, simply going to college would secure you a job; now, graduate school is the only thing you can receive, educational wise, that would be close to securing you a job. Author Robert Reich said, “If you drop out of high school or have no more than a high school diploma, do not expect a good routine production job to be awaiting you.” Even with the highest of degrees, veterans usually have the upper hand in any corporation. Furthermore, when a company is in a financial snag, those who haven’t been on the payroll the longest are the first ones laid off. Despite their educational background,…show more content…
Consequent to the underprivileged, the top employers are not interested in risking their income to help those below them; especially if they can hire other workers for less. In a similar fashion, top employers intent isn’t in risking their own income to help those below them; they do not want to lose the money they are making by not helping. In Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor Poorer, Robert Reich addresses this issue when stating, “To the extent that these Americans are richly rewarded by the rest of the world for what they contribute.” Meaning, that they wish to be rewarded for the work they do, but in reality, they rarely are. In an article, Alan Lee reflects on what some people are doing to make a living, “Now, we're burning to the ground and holding garage sales on eBay to pay our bills. This is what we get for hiring cheap foreign labor.” Even though foreign labor is taking over, the poor aren’t helping themselves by making irresponsible decisions. Likewise, one of the utmost irresponsible decisions people are making are their use of credit cards. These days’ people are using their credit cards and finding themselves in an obscene amount of debt, resulting in poverty. Money lenders are supposed to help with this issue, but they seem to make things worse. “Often referred to as the “poor man’s bank,” a pawnbroker is someone who offers monetary loans to borrowers in exchange for a pledge, or pawn, of personal property.” That is to say, if the person borrowing money from a pawnbroker fails to repay at the agreed time, the pawnbroker can claim ownership of the property provide, and is free to sell it. Negotiating with a pawnbroker may seem like a virtuous idea to borrow money, but many people are

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