Social Position In The Secret Lives Of Sgt. John Wilson

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How does the social position affect the person and their surroundings? As M.R.C. Kasasian said “The poor, are kind to each other, but that is because they have nothing to lose,' he said. 'The rich cannot afford to be”. Strictly based on external factors are people’s decisions, one of those factors being their placement within society. People in different social classes within society, causing them to behave differently than their peers. In the book The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson, written by Lois Simmie is a true story of love and murder. John, married to Polly in Scotland, moves to Canada, after a business failure back in Scotland to begin a new life. In Canada, John’s life takes a drastic turn. Heavily influenced by his placement within society, are not only John’s decisions as well as behavior, but lifestyle; which drastically change throughout the book. John’s position within society…show more content…
Wilfred Sales, a jewelry store salesman fell into John’s trap. “If he hadn’t been in uniform, Wilfred might have worried that this pale, nervous man intended to rob the store” (Simmie, 73). John’s position as a NWMP officer misleads people into believing that he is a honest person, whereas he was not. The novel holds a vivid image of the usage of social power by John Wilson. John only gains people’s trust by their perception of what a police officer should be, a police officer in uniform is a symbol of peace, honesty and strength. The setting of the plot Blaine Lake and other communities and cities throughout Saskatchewan meant that people knew each other very well, since people lived within a small community, knowing everyone very well also meant that people would trust a police officer even more. People’s trust in police officer in general, and in John Wilson in part, grant John virtual freedom from the many actions that he

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