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Maeve Upton 14310368 C. ‘In order to understand the geography of soil all one needs is a good map of the solid geology.’ Abstract: It would be naïve to assume that a good map of solid geology is the only resource needed to understand the geography of soils. The geography of soil does not depend solely on the solid geology of the biosphere and lithosphere. When one studies the geography of soil it is important to look at the properties of soils including the parent material which is usually the dominating underlying bedrock. However, one must take into account the factors that affect soil development and the processes in soils that can produce variations. For examples, climate, topography, time, biological agents such as animals and human interference. Pedology provides us with a zonal classification system that can be used to determine types of soil but throughout history it has been proved that a map of the solid geology is…show more content…
Soils can transported away from the location where it was first formed by many ways.REFERENCE REVIEWIn Ireland, the principal soil forming factors are parent material, climate and the rate of decay of organic material. Most Irish soils originate from glacial drift, predominantly calcareous in nature. Histosols and Gleysols predominate in the north with Cambisols on lower ground and Luvisols in central parts. Podzols are extensive in the mountainous regions, particularly in the south. Blanket and Basin peat accumulation is very important throughout western southern Ireland. In contrast with the blanket histosols which developed in the west due to high rainfall or where the subsoil is sufficiently impermeable to give a high water table, the raised histosols and fens developed in the midlands in lake basins and open bodies of water and were then elevated by the growth of sphagnum

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