Ancient Egypt

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Letter to a Friend Ancient Egypt used to be a civilization that lived in the ancient parts of Northeastern Africa. A majority of the population was living in the lower parts of the Nile River, in what is today the modern country that we know as Egypt. It is one of the few civilizations to successfully grow and rise independently. The background and history behind ancient Egypt had taken place in a series of Kingdoms each separated by periods of time. They are the Old Kingdom, Early Bronze Age, Middle Kingdom, Middle Bronze Age, and the New Kingdom and Late Bronze Age. Egypt had achieved its maximum and most powerful state during that of the New Kingdom. The success of the civilization had come from their ability to change to the Nile River…show more content…
It contains many different lagoons, banks, mud flats, and marshes all throughout the different areas mostly contained in the upper region, in the very bottom the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates are joined together where they are then dumped into the Persian Gulf. This environment varies widely on location and what they weather is like there. In the upper parts of Mesopotamia much of the land and agriculture is all rain fed while in the southern parts everything relies on irrigation and more man made systems of agriculture that have to do with water. Alongside this Mesopotamians also faced only four really big problems. They are an uncontrollable water supply, food shortages in hills, and attacks by neighboring…show more content…
The very beginning of China, at least from what we can find in terms of written records dates back all the way to the Shang Dynasty. An important place of ancient China where it is said to be the cradle of life of China and where the civilization started is the Yellow River and then spreading on to the Yangtze River. China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations having a few thousand years of continuous history. Much of ancient Chinese culture, philosophy, and literature developed greatly during the Zhou dynasty. This is also the point in time were the kingdom had broken down into many different parts and periods due to many internal and external pressures. This is an example of one of a couple of failed “state

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