Ida B Wells Southern Horrors Analysis

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Civil Rights: “the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality” (Oxford). Throughout the history of America, there have been countless injustices done to people of color. Despite their natural citizen ship in the country, African Americans are continuously deprived of their basic rights. Early on in our history it was a norm to own slaves of color, and use them for agriculture and production of goods. The transition into freedom grew in length, as more freedoms were taken. Whether it was discrimination or enslavement the mistreatment did not cease, but African Americans refused to give up improving their position in society. Although the New South pointed out the severe injustices imposed on blacks, World War 1 brought…show more content…
Wells published an article in 1892 discussing “Southern Horrors” and the lynching of blacks, speaking out about the injustices occurring in the New South. This is a time when people of color are being deprived their Citing that there have been 728 African Americans lynched in 8 years, she highlights the mass termination of blacks in the South (Ida B. Wells, pg. 1). As she describes each instance of blaming and killing black southerners she is claiming that “white citizens are wedded to any method however revolting, any measure however extreme, for the subjugation of the young manhood of the race” (Ida B. Wells, pg. 2). Wells feels that there needs to be consequences for those who have participated in lynching, or have stood by idly and allowed this behavior. In her opinion, there needs to be severe punishment from the law, “but this can’t and will not be done unless a healthy public sentiment demands and sustains such action” (Ida B. Wells, pg. 2). Even though Wells outlines these horrors that is not enough to make a significant change in how African Americans behave in the south. After years of taking the mistreatment, simply stating what a reality is for many is not enough to motivate or inspire this oppressed group. It is going to take more rallying together to make changes to their position in…show more content…
Their eager contribution was to help show they love their country and are citizens just like whites. Willing to fight, many lost their lives while other came home feeling victorious. Even though they helped win the war, blacks were still not equal in society when they return. W.E.B. Du Bois wrote “Returning Soldiers” in 1919 declaring the return of those who survived the war. Similar to Ida B. Wells, Du Bois discusses lynching and states that “for fifty years we have lynched two Negroes a week, and we have kept this up right through the war”(W.E.B.). Accusing “a dominant minority” of not wanting blacks educated and making blacks poor. He finished he article proclaiming that the “Soldiers of Democracy return” claiming that American is their fatherland. He is proudly explaining that they would be cowards if they did not return to fight the fight that is long

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