America's Journey Through Slavery: A Brief Summary

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The uncertain future that America was going to bring the European people in the seventeenth century, by building a new nation that will bring violence, adventure, diseases, riches, and freedom to the people. In the documentary ”America’s Journey Through Slavery” gives an inside look to how the “New World” changed peoples ways of life by bringing slavery to play and later leading to freedom. The documentary is organized into four parts about the history of African Americans and slavery, along including historian’s narratives, landscapes, paintings, and moving images that put together a story about slavery in 1600 to 1845.The racial slavery that brought African Americans together in a fight for independence and equality, these believes brought contradicting opinion between different races and cultures. A fight in the “New World” that lasted about four hundred years that left many heroes, wars, and laws in the books of history later lead to the equality in all people. Illescas #2…show more content…
After the English settled many problems began to rise as disease in James Town in 1607, and uncovered the profitable crop of tobacco that will later bring labor to play. Later abducting millions Africans and bring them to America who worked to labor North Americana’s the population of Africans coming to the America more rebellion actions occurred that brought death to some whites and blacks. One law at a time slave society was becoming more and more difficult to get out of, where later in 1691 it was illegal to free a slave. The impact that brought African Americans together to fight for independence was almost impossible during this period of high demand of

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