How Are The Crusades Successful

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The Crusades were military campaigns that were used throughout history. Some people consider the crusades as a success. However, many people opposed to this by saying that the crusaders were histories most successful failures. The Crusades were histories most successful failure due to many factors. Crusades were used mostly in Europe. Throughout history there were 3 crusades. The first crusade was ordered by the Pope known as Pope Urban II. It all began due to the hatred between the Muslims and Christians (“The Crusaders”).The Pope sends the crusaders to take over the city of Jerusalem. However, they were able to take over the city; however they began to lose control of the holy city. The second crusade was ordered by the Pope known as Pope Eugene III (“The Second Crusade”). It was ordered since the Muslims were menacing to take over Jerusalem. However, once again the Muslims had won.…show more content…
Even now in days we could see their hatred among each other. Since the Muslims were fuming, they took it out on the Jews. A Jewish man wrote “….At this time arrogant people, a people of strange speech, a nation bitter and impetuous {impulsive} Frenchmen and Germans, set out for the Holy City, which had been desecrated {a violation of sacredness} by barbaric nations, there to seek their house of idolatry {worship of idols} and banish {expel} the Ishmaelites {Muslims} and other denizens {inhabitants} of the land. Now it came to pass that as they passed through the towns where Jews dwelled, they said to one another:..The Jews—they whose forefathers murdered and crucified him for no reason. Let us first avenge ourselves on them and exterminate them…”(“Analyzing Primary Sources”) As we can see the Muslims hatred was taken out on the Jews and many Jews were killed. This as you can see a negative effect of the
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