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INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Topic: Rubik’s Cube Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the origins of the famous puzzle, the Rubik’s Cube. Central Idea: One of the top selling toys in the world was created by accident. Introduction: A. Most people look at this cube and think, “How the heck am I supposed to solve this?” I. But not many people think of where it came from. II. I was not one of those people. B. I was having trouble brainstorming a topic for this speech. I. I picked up my Rubik’s cube because switching tasks has proven to be an effecting method of solving a problem. II. Your subconscious continues working on the issue. III. When I solved the cube, the solution hit me. C. Why not talk about the toy the world has become so accustomed to? Transition:…show more content…
Back in the early 1970s, a young architecture professor named Erno Rubik created an impossible object. I. It was a small 3x3 cube could that be twisted and turned and it would not fall apart. II. It was used as a design tool, a piece of art, which showed spacial relationships, simplicity and complexity, and order and chaos. III. His design was so effective; it took him about a month to solve it. Transition: If you ever feel frustrated with not being able to solve the cube, remember that the creator felt the same way. But before the countless number of people could be frustrated by such a challenging puzzle, it has to be mass-produced. B. Rubik took his cube to a toy company in Hungary. I. The cube was marketed as a Magic Cube and quickly became a popular object in the country. a. Children and adults alike fell in love with its challenges. b. Mathematicians took the magic cube to conferences and it finally made its way to the Nuremburg Toy Fair in 1979. II. Tom Kremer and the Ideal Toy Company signed a contract to develop and produce the cube across the entire world. a. Part of the contract required the name to be changed because Magic Cube was thought to have a connection to

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