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Kacey Simpson Frenzel was born on the first day of spring in Indianapolis, IN, March 21, 2001. That is how she prefers to remember her birthday. Her family was ecstatic about having a new baby, at least that’s what she’s been told. In 2002, her older brother Tyler was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. He finally let go on December 11, 2004. Kacey shares a funny story saying she asked for McDonalds during Tyler’s funeral. Her brother would be 20 today if he had survived. He loved having younger siblings because he was bigger than them and felt like the hulk. Kacey is very close to Maria, her older sister, because there is only a 4 year difference between them. A common middle child feeling is what binds them closer together. Their…show more content…
A noteworthy moment in Kacey’s life was when her deceased brother, Tyler, was battling cancer, and he was extremely weak. This toddler had to assist her 9 year old brother down the stairs to breakfast. Kacey was just 3 years old and already selflessly helping others through times of trouble. This is one of the only memories she has of her brother, and one she will hold dear for a long time. When asked what steps she would take to move towards her dream career of becoming a photographer, Kacey answered that photography is such a difficult skill to make a career out of. There are no black and white steps to becoming a photographer. It all lies in shades of grey. A side job would have to be required so she could make some money to hold her own, but other than the hope of becoming a photographer, Kacey hopes to be settling down in about 15 years. For 4 years, Kacey has attended her current school, The Orchard School, and she has hosted an airplane pull in honor of Tyler. She deems that as her biggest accomplishment. Many teachers and students have participated, and that makes her feel loved and supported even though she lost him 11 years

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