Horseman Pass By

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Horseman, Pass By, by Larry McMurtry, is a story about Lonnie's experience on his Granddad's ranch. He tells of the violent truths about ranch life and the brutality he faces during one summer on the ranch. Critic Raymond C Phillips writes about Horseman, Pass By, saying, “The violence of the nineteenth century West, patterned and ritualized in the literary and cinematic treatments of the frontier legend, gives way to a more subtle and ominous violence in MuMurtry's work” (Phillips 312). The violence Lonnie experiences is not what is seen in the cinematic versions of the West. He doesn't experience gun fights or fights between cowboys and indians. His violence, though more subtle, is very real. Lonnie hasn't had an easy life up to this point, there is little…show more content…
But there is another part of him, a big part of him that wants to be free. To travel to big cities and see more of what life has to offer. Besides the battle with in himself there is a lot of awfulness going on around the ranch. First Lonnie mentions, “the ranch wasn't as cheerful as it had been. Hud and Granddad had too many bad arguments, and now there was the cattle disease and all that to worry about” (McMurtry 69). Then he mentions, “there was Jesse's gloom and Halmea's crying and a lot of things that didn't look good” (McMurtry 69). His granddad's cattle have been infected with hove and mouth disease, and they had to liquidate the entire herd to heed off any spreading of the disease. This was a very violent experience. They had to corral the cattle into a big pit and then some men from the state starting shooting at the cows till none were left standing. All the while Lonnie and the rest of the ranch hands had to make sure none of the cows climb back out of the pit. In the midst of taking care of the cattle Hud has been working some schemes so he can take the ranch right out from under Granddad, he is determined to become the boss of the
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