To Kill A Mockingbird Injustice Quotes

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Maliha Kamran Mrs. Spring H English I 27 October 2014 To Kill the Silence Fundamentally, individuals of different races are much more similar to each other than they are different. Yet, instead of building bridges to bring dissimilar races together, many have been creating walls to separate them. Racism is a weapon that is able to dehumanize society, as it promotes the idea that a man should be idealized based on his skin color rather than his character. However, To Kill a Mockingbird is an indictment of racism. The silence of racism was broken when this story expressed protest against it, creating awareness about the immortality. Although racism is expressed from a wide variety of people in the town, three people in particular have shown racism and prejudice majorly in the book. One person is Mrs. Dubose, who deplores her racism outwardly towards blacks in Maycomb. Another prejudiced person includes Horace Gilmer. Although he expresses his discontentment towards blacks in more subtle ways, his rudeness is still noticed by the reader. Lastly, Alexandra Hancock shows much racism as well. However, she does this…show more content…
Dubose. She is a character who stimulates rage and fear just through the power of her words. She is constantly giving racist and nasty remarks towards the Finch family. Her character can quickly be judged, as she says, “Your father is no better than the negroes and trash he works for!” (Lee ). Particularly, Mrs. Dubose insults Atticus Finch, who she knows is defending a black man named Tom Robinson. Since blacks were highly subjugated members of society at the time, her attitude towards them is considered “normal” in the county. That is the reason no one really calls her out for her wrongdoing. Although she later serves to be very courageous in her attempt to stop her morphine addiction, she expresses her inner anger about it through prejudiced comments. This, in turn, makes her a symbol of
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