Hope In The Hunger Games

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In the suzanne collins book there are a lot of theme in it like hope,trust, fear, reality, fiction, and the price of war.In the mockingjay hope is the embodiment of a creature that has managed to adapt and survive despite human efforts to eradicate it. Katniss has displayed similar resilience throughout the hunger games. Upon accepting the role of mockingjay she embraces her role as a symbol of hope for the districts. Throughout the difficulties of her position she depends on others to remain hopeful, as well most notably peeta and prim. Even when she is close to death, katniss imagines prim pulling her back into the light prim spirit keeps her going even when she feels like she has nothing to live for.The price of war from the beginning of The hunger games series, most of panem is still…show more content…
Suzanne Collins is never idealistic about the price of war. Major characters lose their lives, innocents die, and heroes suffer for many years long after victory. After the rebels have won and Katniss is freed from murder charges plutarch comments.Now were in that sweet period where everyone agrees that our recent horrors should never be repeated but collective thinking is usually short lived..President snow governed the districts of panem with fear. As long as people were afraid of what would happen to them, they would bow to his every desire. However every time a character loses his/her fear of death, that person finds a kind of freedom. When katniss and peeta are ready to eat the nightlock in the first hunger games snow realizes that he can no longer do anything to control them. In mockingjay peeta is repeatedly willing to sacrifice himself for katniss despite the circumstances. When katniss makes the decision to kill coin, she is ready to accept whatever consequences come her way. She is free to take this risk because she is willing to sacrifice her own
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