Dee And Mama In Everyday Use

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Raising children is a hard task. Parents should always have unconditional love for their children. Children should always respect their parents. In the story, “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker mama shows examples of absolute love, respect, and passion for her daughter’s well-being. Even though Dee and mama differ in appearance, confidence, and personality, they appear to love each other. First off, Mama and Dee differ in appearance. In spite of mama’s farm style of dress, Dee likes to wear nice clothing. She likes to wear cute dresses with bright colors and expensive jewelry. Dee is very erotic, full-figured, attractive, and nifty African-American woman. Dee’s young sister Maggie envied her looks. Mama, on the other hand, was not cute as Dee. Although mama was not as cute as Dee, she was a beautiful woman. Mama is a big boned woman. Mama’s fat keeps her hot in zero degree weather. She have rough man working hands. According to the story, Mama does a lot of farm work. Mama wears a flannel nightgown to bed and overalls during the day.…show more content…
Unlike mama, Dee has a high level of confidence. The story says, “At the age of sixteen Dee had her own style” (1). Dee has a lot of pride. Dee loved her heritage. She was very happy with the afro-cultural. Dee was upset because her mother did not let her take the quilts. Mama did not have a high confidence level like Dee. Mama is not confident in the way Dee looks at her. Mama wants Dee to love her for her. Although, mama is not confident in the way Dee looks at her, she is confident in her farm work. According to the story, “Mama can kill and clean a hog as mercilessly as a man can” (1). Mama is confident in Dee. Mama know Dee is a beautiful and strong

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