Homework Exercise Analysis

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I am so thankful I got to experience how is like to be old with my family members. This homework activity was really fantastic although at the beginning it was really weird doing these things for my family when they do it by themselves. My brother and sister were arguing the whole time about how the activity was boring and they wanted to go back to their video games. It took them a while to enjoy the activity. When I put cotton balls in my brothers’ ears, I challenge them to guess what I am saying by reading lip. This is the parts when they started getting interest in the activity and they even compete against each other to guess the word. At some point during the activity, my family were complaining about the cellophane that was around their head to cover their eyes, and ace bandages which was wrap to their knees or shoulder. They said are their…show more content…
I think this activity was a great idea because without experiencing what old people through or put yourself in their shoes, you will never understand the pain or the challenges elderly face every day. Old age is not easy and most people do not want that day to come for them. After doing this activity, I think old age is a nightmare because I do not think I will be able to their life. When I took the bandages, cotton, cellophane, and tape off, they family said, “Their knees and shoulder feel nob, and there were mark on their shoulder.” The activity was a life lesson for me because old age is nothing that I thought it would be at all. I understand now how is like to be old myself and I have an idea of it. When I got to work and someone try to explain to me how old age is like and they things they face, I will know exactly what they are talking about because I had experienced in it the past. I am so happy that I did this exercise because it helps me gain more understand about
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