The Trouble With Television By Marie Winn Analysis

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Television has been embodied the American culture ever since its inception. Nearly all families have a television in their home and it has become a daily routine. From children watching Saturday morning cartoons, to parents watching the evening news, television has taken control of family life. Many people have chosen to ignore the problem TV has caused and how it promotes a negative family atmosphere. In an article by Marie Winn, called The Trouble with Television, Winn discusses the issue of how TV causes negative effects on kids and families. After reading the article, I agree with Winn’s point of view that television is causing families and children to grow apart, which hence creates isolation within the family unit. A few points that Winn…show more content…
The reason for this is that children who watch TV more, eat more and exercise less. TV also affects how children do in school. Winn claims a study shows that younger children who watch more TV have lower test scores and grades in school. In response, teachers have created weeks where they do not allow their students to watch TV. Teachers say that the quality of work was much higher than any other school week. When I did karate in elementary school, I would always try to convince my mom that I was sick or I did not feel good in order to stay home and watch TV. I was by no means fat, but I was out of shape. If my parents did not make me go, I may have ended up having an unhealthy life style or could have gained unnecessary weight. I also always tried to find excuses to try to get out of homework just to watch TV. I would make up lies saying I lost a worksheet or I tried to look up the answers online just to spend time watching more TV. The reason for this was because I thought homework was taking up a lot of time and I would rather be watching TV instead. Both of these reasons show that TV had taken priority over my health and my education. TV causes people to procrastinate and to be lazy. In a USA Today article, their researchers found that 16% of kids are obese. Back before TV was around this number was only at 2%. TV watchers today do not get enough exercise and eat excessive amounts of junk food. Children today need to find a hobby or an activity to do rather than just watching TV. Parents, teachers, and role models need to step up and explain the real risks and dangers of watching excessive TV. They need to promote towards children, that there is more to life than just

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