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The primary source for this essay was the Pancho Villa Biography; written by editors; this document was composed on October 5th, 2015; and published by A&E Television Networks. This document was a great source to show how Villa was such a respected star of Hollywood. Pancho Villa is known as the ‘Robin Hood” of Mexico. Being labelled a bandit for most of his career, even making enemies of most of the armies, he would eventually fight with. Pancho Villa is a Hollywood legend as well as a legend in Mexico. It is said that he even signed a contract with the old Hollywood to have some of his fights and battles recorded. He was a military leader from 1878 – 1923 when he was assassinated. In this essay you will learn what he was fighting for and some of the battles that he helped win during his time. Take an old Hollywood style journey with Pancho Villa through Mexico and his great battles.…show more content…
He later changed his name to Francisco Villa to Pancho Villa after he killed a man who was harassing his sister. Early in his childhood his father was killed and he assumed the role of protector of the house. It was after he killed a man and fled to the mountains that he joined fugitives and later became a bandit. He spent six years on the run for this crime. While on the run he worked as a miner and sometimes sold stolen cattle. During this time he also ventured into more severe crimes such as robbing banks and stealing from the wealthy. During this time Francisco’s Madero had successfully formed an uprising against Mexican Dictator Porfirio Diaz. It is the year 1910, during which Villa joins Francisco Madero. By the time 1911 came Villa was skilled in reading, writing, fighting and knowledge of the land. Madero eventually drives Diaz out of power and assumes the position of president, naming Villa a

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