Homelessness In California

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Poverty in California has increased since the economy crashed in 2006. This resulted in businesses and companies across California being forced to shut down, leaving a vast amount of the population jobless. Without jobs, there is not steady income for individuals and families. When jobs are scarce and people cannot afford their home or lifestyle, it often leads to living on the streets. As a Californian, I am accustomed to seeing homeless people wherever I go. It is not uncommon to see homeless people holding a sign at every few stop lights or sleeping in parks. Poverty can be reduced by providing more low-income housing and creating more jobs, improving the livelihood of hundreds of homeless people and families across California. Everyone, whether you live in California or anywhere else in the world, deserves food and shelter. God commands us to act justly and love others and one way we can selflessly love others is by helping those in need (Micah 6:8). Individuals living on the streets or in shelters are often looked down on in society and are seen as dirty, lazy, and addicts. Judging people only prevents us from living godly lives, loving generously and gracefully. Instead, we need to educate and bring light onto homelessness. The majority of homeless people are hard workers, veterans, people who…show more content…
While there are some well-paying jobs in California, the dilemma is that there are not enough of those jobs for everyone. "To kick-start job growth, the federal government should invest in job-creation strategies such as rebuilding our infrastructure; developing renewable energy sources; renovating abandoned housing; and making other common-sense investments that create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, and boost our national economy" (americanprogress.org). All of these projects are realistic and would create more jobs for those in

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