Compare And Contrast Ancient Egypt And Ancient Greek Government

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Lorenzo Lertora Ms. Castañeda Humanities 6 Black Panthers 23 November 2015 Government and Religion Systems in Place in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece Government Ancient Greece was a big kingdom and had many types of governments. They changed their type of government sometimes. Their main governments were democracy, monarchy, and oligarchy. If the government was a monarchy the king or ruler was called a tyrant. Their democracy was different than ours because citizens voted for each law instead of voting for their representative. The kingdom was divided by city-states and those were major cities. Their two main city states were Athens and Sparta and those 2 always fought. City-states had different type of government and Athens had democracy. Although Ancient Greece was big kingdom they had a very disorganised government. Ancient Greece Religion Ancient Greece had many myths, gods, and stories. They built temples and did sacrifices for their gods. There were titans who were the first gods and there were 12 of them. There were 12 olympians and those were Zeus and his brothers or the sons of Cronus one of the titans. There were also heroes who were strong men favored by the gods. The most powerful hero is Hercules because he is the son of Zeus and Zeus is the most powerful god. There were a lot of heroes too like Achilles,…show more content…
Ancient Egypt’s government was a monarchy. Their ruler was called a Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had a hierarchy below him because there were other positions below him for example for example below him came the Vizier. The Vizier was kind of like a Prime Minister. The Vizier was the chief overseer of the land. Citizens paid taxes to support the government. Below the Viziers came the Nomarks. Nomarks ruled an area called a nome and that was like a state or province. When the Nomark died his son was the new Nomark. After all, the government was very organised because of the positions they

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