History: The Most Influential Events Of The 20th Century

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The 20th century is found to be one of the most influential time periods in history. The ideas developed throughout prior historic beliefs were challenged. Everything from Enlightenment to Newton’s thoughts on physics were under attack. The world was quickly improving and uncovering new ways to simplify and advance the ways of life, as many new developments were being made in the fields of science and technology. Travel between lands became available as the railroads were developed; bringing colonies together and separating territories. The telegraph improved the means of communication, allowing critical information and business agreements to travel across great distances. The Industrial Revolution influenced new ways of thinking. How the world…show more content…
With traditional religious practices and cultural beliefs to support their authority, leaders were able to gain control over their people and initiate new rules that required them to follow strict laws and maintain obedience and loyalty. While fighting to conquer new territories and gain power, world leaders relied on industrial technologies and their developing national political institutions for support. Conflict quickly ensued between the colonies. The challenge to maintain authority and control over land initiated wars across the world. Imperial nations began exploiting their own colonies. Differences between first world and third world countries spread throughout the nations. Mistrust and challenging loyalties influenced war; ending peace in Europe and halting the development of the empires in Asia and Africa, military tensions grew and the First World War began. Destruction, devastation, and a need for more power continued to take over the lands. Warfare and new, more powerful weaponry supported the wars throughout the 20th century. Of these wars, imperialism largely influenced World War I, the Balkan war, the Boer war, and World War
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