Bumble Bees: A Brief Story Of Autonomy

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One day while walking in the woods, a child found a bumble bee as big as a pony, and decided to keep it as a pet. One day a little girl named Lucy was in the woods trying to find her monkey. She noticed some huge animal behind her in the shadows. She turned around and ……… Boom, there it was, a huge black and yellow bee the size of a pony. Lucy was frightened by the huge stinger in the back of the bee. Lucy did not know how a bee lived to be that large. Lucy wanted to go get her grandpa's chainsaw and cut the stinger off of that big, hairy beast. Lucy loved animals and never wanted to even hurt a fly, but at the same time some animals were way to huge and scary to even go by. She was so scared of the bee, she just sat their for about 30

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