Sarah Shahi's Bullet To The Head

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Sarah Shahi is a Persian actress and former NFL cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys from 1999-2000 born in 1980. She has appeared in both movies and appeared on many TV shows in small and large roles. She had a large part in “Bullet to the Head”, a movie that also starred Sylvester Stallone. She played Bobo's (Stallone) estranged daughter in the film. In “AmericanEast”, a movie about Arab-Americans living in the United States after 9/11, she played a woman who's brother had to find a suitor that was worthy to be with her. And “Road to Paloma” where she played Eva. These three movies, she has a good sized part in. For two seasons, she starred on the USA Network legal drama “Fairly Legal” as Kate Reed, who works at her dad's law firm, first as

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