How Did Langston Hughes Contribute To Harlem Renaissance

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It will be realized that there are several important times in history that are truly characterized by key figures that played major roles in response to these historical events. One of the important times in history is the Harlem Renaissance period. This was a form of a movement which occurred during the 1920s. Dating from about 1919 to 1935, it will be recognized that Harlem Renaissance was a crucial period for American music, art and literature which was fueled by African Americans migration from South to northern cities like New York as a result of industrialization. It was the name provided to the artistic, social and cultural explosion which took place in New York particularly at Harlem. The movement extended to entail the cultural expressions of the new African-Americans across most of the urban areas within the Midwest and Northeast United States which passed a great…show more content…
Most of these literary works during this time necessitated in shaping the American literature as well as politics. Langston Hughes like the rest of the active figures in Harlem Renaissance happened to have a strong sense towards racial pride where he was focused in addressing the issues that the black community experience through his literary works. Duke Ellington, one of the key Harlem Renaissance figures focused on jazz music to sensitize the public and addressing most of the problems faced by the blacks. Therefore through the essays, children’s books, novels, poetry, songs and plays during the Harlem Renaissance, the respective figures in this time condemned injustice and racism, promoted equality, celebrated African American spirituality, humor and culture (West, 2003). Therefore through literary works, authors can clearly express the issues facing the society and design ways to overcome them passing the intended message from one generation to the

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