Hinduism And Reincarnation

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There is a slew of theories which try to explain what happens to us when we die. For example, followers of Christianity believe when a person dies, their soul travels to God where they will be judged based upon the morality of the deeds they have committed during their lifetime. If the person in question has led a virtuous life, then their soul will be able to enter Heaven, an idyllic realm located in the sky where God, his angels, and those he deems worthy to be in his presence reside. However, if the same person has led a life polluted with innumerable sins, then their soul will be sent to Hell, a fiery land beneath the earth where the souls of the immoral are forced to suffer forever as payment for the atrocities they have done when they…show more content…
Hindus believe in reincarnation, which is when the soul of a deceased person begins a new life in a newly born body. Who one reincarnates into depends solely on the actions of the person in their past life. Therefore, if a person was ethical throughout their life, then they might achieve moksha, the state of being liberated from the death and rebirth cycle, and thus uniting with God. If they don’t reach moksha, then they will reincarnate into a person who will lead a much more improved life than they did in their previous life. If a person was deprived throughout their life, then they will reincarnate into plants or animals. If this doesn’t happen to them, then they will be born as a person whose life will be much worse than their last life. These two religions are what my parents are practitioners of, my father being a Christian and my mother being a Hindu. Although my parents have raised me in the hopes of me choosing one religion or the other, I haven’t because I identify as an agnostic. Like everyone else, I’m not sure of what happens to us when we die, but I have a feeling we merely become whatever we were before we were born when we leave this
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