Hinduism Vs Buddhism Research Paper

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Buddhism and Hinduism are the two most popular religions in the world. Both religions share common beliefs and have their differences, but the goal of these religions is to reach happiness. The basic similarities of Hinduism and Buddhism are; they both believe in reincarnation, both of these religions believe in different paths to enlightenment, both practice meditation and other forms of yoga. On the other hand, there are some common differences between these two religions. In Buddhism, there is no gods, but in Hinduism there is many gods and goddess. Hinduism has caste system, but in Buddhism doesn’t have any of these. The founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama, but Hinduism is a polytheistic (many gods) religion. They believe in Vedas…show more content…
Both of these religion believe that after someone die, their soul come back to life in another body. In Hinduism, they believe no living things dilapidate after death. It is an endless cycle of life and death which is called samsara, and leading to moksha (liberation). In Buddhism, they call it Karma (action). So, it could be good action for good deeds, or bad action for bad results. But Buddhists do not believe there is a "thing," self or personality who goes through life, death and rebirth into another body. “Buddhist reincarnation can be understood as consciousness, the creative principle, manifesting endlessly in new forms. A life is considered to be like a wave in the ocean. It appears to have form and then it is gone, vanished back into the sea. Meanwhile, the vast ocean exists, containing all waves, all water, with new waves continually arising and subsiding. Consciousness is energy, and all energy is one connected field, like drops of water in the ocean. Nirvana is simply the state of consciousness in which attachment and craving have been released and the bliss of perfect freedom is experienced. A blameless life earns rebirth into a more highly-evolved consciousness, a step closer to Nirvana or

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