Hinduism Vs Christianity Research Paper

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Introduction: "All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything." Hinduism and Christianity both have an ancient and rich historical background. Hindu’s believe in Brahma; their one Supreme Being, while Christians believe in The one true God. Hinduism is much like Christianity in the sense that Hindus have one Supreme Being. Although alike, they appear very different. Hindus believe in Reincarnation, Karma and have a very different view and concept of God. History Of Hinduism Hinduism, one of the longest lasting religions and one of the few original, not based off of another’s beliefs. The Hindus traditions-ancient-at the same time the subject of much debate for a number…show more content…
Common Ground between the two shows itself hard to find due to the tolerance. They say that all of christianity's true, but christians say theres one way to salvation. But they say thats false. Both Hinduism and Christianity have great respect for human life, christians from all men are made from the image of God and hindus oneness with brahman. The hindu doctrine of non-violence creates a perfect background for Hindus and christians to teach jesus’ way of selflessness and loving of ones neighbor as given in the sermon on the mount. Every human suffers from guilt and unhappiness what better way to relate to Jesus and his life as a…show more content…
Karma in the sanskrit language meaning “works” or “deeds”(“Karma in Hinduism”). Hindus believe that by doing good works or deeds it will determine their future. That is just the opposite in Christianity. In Christianity, we don't rely on our good works to determine our future but, by our good works we are able to exemplify Christ through them. There is good karma and bad karma, both determining different outcomes for the future. Hindus believe that karma acts as a law of nature; neither given by the gods or God as punishment , “nor something that the gods can interfere with”. “Karma is understood to work through various rebirths such as, Good or bad actions create impressions (samskaras) or tendencies (vasanas) in the mind, which in time will come to fruition in further action (more karma). Also, the seeds of karma are carried in the subtle body (linga), in which the soul transmigrates. Lastly, the physical body (sthula sarira) is the field in which the fruit of karma is experienced and more karma is created.” (“Karma in Hinduism”) Hindus make it their goal in life to make sure bad karma is left at a minimum, in order to enjoy the future. Hindus believe that by performing certain rituals or sacrificial acts determines their

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