A Turning Point In The History Of Israel Essay

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1 Samuel 8 This chapter marks a turning point in the history of Israel. How does the author portray theologically this transition from a confederation to a monarchy? And about what things does Samuel warn the Israelites to expect when a king is installed? Israel’s transition from a confederation into a monarchy is one that began on the basis of waywardness. The people desired to have a king over them that would “govern [them] and go out before [them] and fight [their] battles” (1 Samuel 8:20b). This might not seem like a problem, but it was an act of rebellion in the eyes of Yahweh. The author of 1 Samuel portrays this transition as one that was founded on the Israelites’ insubordination towards the power and strength of their God. The idea that the monarchy of Israel was based off of disobedience could serve as an etiology for the eventual collapse of what would become the Kingdom of Israel in the north and the Kingdom of Judah in the South. This ominous beginning already foreshadowed the eventual end of the monarchy that the Israelites so badly wanted. This establishes the idea that Yahweh is a jealous God, as He wanted the Israelites to look to Him for guidance, so that they would trust that He could take care of them, even in battle.…show more content…
Samuel reported these expectations to the Israelites under the command of Yahweh. Some of the things that the Israelites were told to anticipate were that their sons would become the King’s horsemen and his workers, their daughters would become his cooks and perfumers, and the King would take the best of their harvest and cattle for himself. Basically, they would become slaves under his command. Despite being put subject to such harsh conditions, Yahweh would not answer their cries or help them, because they chose to put a king over themselves instead of following

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