Jay Gatsby Analysis

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Just Who Is Jay Gatsby As I start to talk to you about Mr. Jay Gatsby’s actions throughout the newest film made in 2013, and the meaning of those actions, I am going to tell you about the history of The Great Gatsby itself. I believe this is important to know not only so you can enjoy and better understand Mr. Gatsby’s character, but Francis Fitzgerald too and why he made Jay Gatsby the way he is. I’m hoping that you can also understand more of the story and its motives behind why Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in general. Background The making, thoughts, ideas, and dreams of this mysterious young man named Jay Gatsby all began in the mind of a man named Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 and was named…show more content…
We find him to be a mysterious young man with a lot to hide underneath an abundance of wealth that he acquired somehow, and that raises attention to himself because no one knows how he even got it! Aside from this being noted, there are a lot of symbolism’s that many people do not know about that Jay Gatsby has throughout the movie and novel. To start off, the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg. In the movie you first see this poster while Nick Carraway is describing where toms Mistress lives in the valley of ashes, he says “It was watched by Dr. T.J Eckleburg. A forgotten oculist, who’s eyes bruted over it all, like the eyes of God.” Nick gives us a symbolism right there, saying that indeed God is watching. After researching further into this symbolism, I found out that the symbolism does represent God looking down at us and judging American citizens, comparing them to a wasteland of broken people with broken dreams. The eyes also represent the emptiness of the world and also how people invest in personally objects to much rather than things more important
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