Overfishing In Hawaii

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They are Disappearing Many centuries ago, Hawaiians caught more than three times more fish than what was considered to be sustainable during the modern times, and maintained. Native Hawaiians caught at least 50 percent more fish than the modern Hawaiian (Main 1). Hawaiians also harvested about 15 meters of fish. Hawaiians where able to keep fishing in a way where there was no way that they could lose, or have any extinction of any fish. They where able to make living work off of the ocean (Weuthritch). Until time passed, in about the 1980’s the Hawaiians one way source of food changed. People in Hawaii used many fishing methods during the old times. According to “Fish ing Methods” Hawaiians used hooks and lines…show more content…
Most of all the Hawaiians favored net fishing. The net fishing helped the Hawaiians to catch as many fish as they could at once. Over time Hawaii has changed with the way people, and fishermen fish today. Overfishing in Hawaii is one of the major threats we have today. Its causing our ecosystem to drop and there is not enough fish to continue to reproduce for more fishes which leads to the oceans chain web to de crease, and more extinction to our Hawaii fishes. Overfishing takes the greatest toll on todays sea life and people because of the fishes that are disappearing in ocean waters. Fishes in Hawaii have been going to instinct and disappearing rapidly due to the changes in the way people are fishing with the use of new technologies, and not knowing that overfishing is affecting our ecosystem, and the food chain web in the ocean waters. Overfishing: Is exces sive fishing of adult fishes that its not enough to breed and replenish the population (Dictionary). In Hawaii today, according to “Sea Food Watch”, 90 percent of the worlds fishes collapsed, or are over…show more content…
According to Dr. Daniel Pauly, fishes are either overex ploited, killed as bycatch, and discarded which leads to affecting the ocean ecosystem. Hawaii’s ecosystem has been having low oxygen because of the number fishes that are gone. The ecosystems changes because overfishing can have a strong effect on the ocean waters, and the biodiversity. Many creatures and fishes have role to play in the ocean water. These creatures that depend on the fish as food, or any type of resource to live. It basically balances the ecology of the ocean waters. According to Krysten Jetsen, without fishes in the sea other creatures who depend on fishes will less likely survive because there are less fish in the oceans (9). Fishes contribute putting oxygen in the water in order for the chain web to keep going in the same system for fishes and any other water animal to survive; to live (Bryant 1). Ocean re gions that have low level oxygen destroys the whole ecosystem. Any area in the ocean that have low oxygen is known as oxygen minimum (2). The change in the ecosystem effects the way

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