Healthcare Delegation Roles

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Once a plan is in place, a manager must put it into action. The organization function typically follows the planning stage. A manager alone cannot perform all the tasks appointed to him. In order to meet the objectives, the manager should delegate. Delegation function of a manager is an important tool in organization function. Through delegation, a manager, actually, is multiplying himself by dividing/multiplying his work with the subordinates. The delegation function of a manager will be discussed in this paper and its importance; particularly, in the healthcare setting. The relationship between delegation and empowerment will also be discussed. The potential dangers of delegation will be describe and analyzed; and the question of…show more content…
A manager alone cannot perform all the tasks appointed to him. In order to meet the objectives the manager should delegate. Delegation involves the task of work to other individuals, and it is an activity intrinsically associated with all managerial positions (Whetten & Cameron, 2007, p. 467). Delegation is an important function in any organization and in today’s environment it’s becoming increasingly important in the healthcare setting. The need for accessible, affordable, quality healthcare and an increasing shortage of practitioners and providers means that healthcare managers must utilize each healthcare worker and ensure appropriate delegation of authority and tasks. The majority of delegation issues in health care today revolve around nursing care with the Registered Nurse (RN) assuming responsibility and accountability for the proper delegation of tasks to deliver optimum patient care (American Nursing Association,…show more content…
Instead of focusing on themselves, they must focus on helping the other person succeed (Eikenberry, 2009) Effective delegation helps managers to make the best use of their time and skills, and it helps to improve their ability to get things done. Delegation can increase the discretionary time of the manager by freeing up some time (Whetten & Cameron, 2007, p. 467). Delegation helps staff assist in their growth and development as it helps build their confidence and trust, and as a result increases the amount of work completed. Through delegation it should provide challenge to subordinates and encourages them to develop their capabilities. Delegation can help managers build a positive relationship with staff. It is a way of showing employees they are respected, for delegation demonstrates trust and confidence in delegates (Whetten & Cameron, 2007, p.

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