The Boy In The Burning House By Tim Wynne-Jones

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A Study of the Consequential Friendships in the Novel The Boy in the Burning House The relationship between a friend and another can be exceptionally worthwhile and fulfilling. A friendship teaches loyalty and trust to each individual. A friendship could result violently, as well. The author of the novel The Boy in The Burning House is Tim Wynne-Jones. In the novel, Wynne-Jones wrote about three significant friendships that resulted treacherously. The friendly bonds in the relationships between the characters of the novel faced harsh and fatal obstacles that ended up hurting someone. One of the relationships would be between Ruth Rose Fisher and Jim Hawkins. Another important friendship would be “The Three Musketeers,” Hub Hawkins, Francis Tufts, and Father Fisher. The final notable connection would be the bond between Father Fisher and…show more content…
However, Father Fisher lies about his care for his daughter, Ruth Rose, which leads Iris Hawkins to believe he is not a threat. “‘I do apologize. It just that we — Nancy and I — we’re so worried about Ruth Rose.’” (129) Father Fisher’s conceivable lies are obstacles. When he finally persuades Iris Hawkins that he means no harm, Iris Hawkins would be putting Ruth Rose and Jim Hawkins in danger. He does not care about Ruth Rose at all and Iris Hawkins was oblivious to that. She is unaware about the hazards she is exposing to her son and Ruth Rose. “‘What kind of a … a lunatic would accuse himself of murder in the house of the victims?’” (173) Iris Hawkins’ trust in Father Fisher’s lies leads her to assume Jim Hawkins is crazy. She is enraged when Jim Hawkins thought about the sheer possibility that Father Fisher killed Hub Hawkins. Additionally, she defends Father Fisher, unable to believe that Father Fisher could be so cruel. This causes Jim Hawkins to feel ridiculous. In the end, Iris Hawkins leads Jim Hawkins to feel emotionally and mentally

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