Is Hamlet Too Modern For His Own Good Essay

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Hamlet: too modern for his own good? What makes a modern human? Is it civility in disagreement? Is it deep thought in times of trial? Is it taking the high road in life? Whatever the definition may be one could argue that hamlet is a prime example of a modern human being; a true renaissance man. Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a piece of work about a young prince whose father is slain by his own brother. Unlike his cohorts hamlet periodically reflects inward and ponders his existence, he is slow to act and takes copious amounts of time to reflect upon his emotions before acting on them. But one might ask, is hamlet too modern for his own good? Hamlet is essentially unable to act on any of the notions he has because he is stuck in the veritable…show more content…
When Hamlet is introduced he is seen acting as he feels and this is what prevents him from making Claudius pay for murdering his father. Hamlet grieves over the loss of his father so long and so powerfully that no one seems to understand his intense feelings of loss. His mother and new step-father, Claudius tell him he needs to move on like they have done, but Hamlet can't understand this. His actions are reflections of his true feelings while the rest of his company seem to be ignoring their sadness. In Act 1, scene 2 of Hamlet, Gertrude asks why Hamlet is still in mourning two months after his father had passed away, little did Gertrude know her husband had been murdered. “Why seems it so particular with thee?" she asks Hamlet. "Seems, madam?” he retorts “Nay, it is, I know not 'seems.'" (1.2.75-76). Every character is constantly trying to figure out what the other characters think, as opposed to what those characters are pretending to think. The characters try to figure each other out by using deception of their own, such as spying and plotting. Hamlet, is an honest, moral individual trapped in this deceitful society. Hamlet is faced with the dilemma to either lower himself to their level by using dishonesty and deceit, or leave wrongs, wrong by remaining true to

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