Health Disparity In The United States

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Today’s generation is covered with the issue of health disparity. Health disparity is the difference of the presence of disease and health outcomes to a specific population. (NIHCM, 2007) The root of health disparity is powerfully affected by the socioeconomic status while each component provides a different relationship to health outcomes. Some of the components include, but are not limited to: race, gender, income, education, and sexual orientation. This issue is on the rise and continues to affect minority communities of the United States. The communities mainly affected are those communities of African Americans and Latinos. The issues of serious health diseases such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes have been linked to early childhood…show more content…
Some of the disadvantages include, but are not limited to; race, gender, education, geographic location, and sexual orientation. Just by taking a good look at the list of factors associated with the issue, a person can come to the generalization that education plays a major role in the end. Education is not the only factor, but a major factor. “The problems go beyond factors under the control of children and their parents to include conditions in schools and communities that encourage children to eat and drink unhealthy foods and beverages and that limit their physical activity.” (Reducing Health Disparities Among Children: Strategies & Programs for Health Plans,…show more content…
As a child, a person is given a general course in school called health. In this class, he or she will learn the basics of the human body and what to do in order to extend the overall lifespan of the body. A person is taught to eat healthy and not consume toxic substances, whether it is food, drink, or some other form entering into the body. Some of the major health issues, such as: cancer, obesity, diabetes, and sexually transmitted diseases lie within the bodies of uneducated individuals. According to the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey, females are more likely to have high- risk behaviors and health outcomes opposed to males. Obesity which leads to other health issues such as diabetes account for one-third of all children ages 6-19. (National Institute for Healthcare Management, 2007). Even though one is taught at an early age the preventative measures, the education must go further. Among the general basics of health, health disparities should be incorporated into the learning cycle to bring awareness to the issue. It must not stop at the high school level. Continuing education of the minority communities needs to be more economically efficient and accessible. A person whom has completed higher education will most likely land a career within his or her chosen profession. Upon landing that job, the individual will seek benefit packages with the

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