Suspense In Short Story

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The two stories I chose for my compare and contrast essay are two very different stories, but one of the things they both have in common, is the element of suspense. My paper will be about the fact that both stories have suspense, but they are two very different kinds of suspense. In the first story The Interloper by Saki, the suspense is horrific suspense. In the second story “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Choplin, the suspense is dramatic suspense. The first story I read was The Interlopers. In this story, a man named Ulrich von Gradwitz owned a large amount of forested land, but his neighbor, Georg Znaeym, was jealous of his neighbor’s land and so he hunted on it without permission. It all starts in the middle of the forest with Ulrich…show more content…
In this story, the main kind of suspense was dramatic suspense, the story starts off with a young woman named Mrs. Mallard who is visited by her sister Josephine and Josephine’s husband’s friend, Richard to tell Mrs. Mallard of the news of a railroad accident and that her husband was one of those who had been killed. Mrs. Mallard sat alone in her room with the door shut as she cried. At first, Mrs. Mallard was quite upset about her husband’s death but that soon started to give way to a different emotion, joy and relief, Mrs. Mallard would not have to live for Mr. Mallard anymore and she would be free to do whatever she wished. Another detail that adds suspense, is the author telling that Mrs. Mallard has heart trouble, so the news of her husband’s death had to be told very softly. Next in the story, Josephine comes to get Mrs. Mallard and brings her downstairs. As Mrs. Mallard and Josephine are coming down, the door opens unexpectedly to reveal Mr. Mallard, completely unaware of the occuring events having been far from the scene of the accident. The story ends with, “When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease--of the joy that
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