Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Essay

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In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling, many lies are told, and many secrets are kept. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened and a monster let loose by the heir of Slytherin. People begin to be petrified (permanently stunned) by the unknown monster. Harry, Ron and Hermione begin to investigate the attacks and soon find the source of the attacks. In this book, the author gives a number of opportunities in which multiple characters demonstrate perseverance. Dobby continually encounters with Harry out of the good of his heart to stop Harry from the dangers at Hogwarts. Before going to Hogwarts, Dobby meets Harry in his room to warn him about the dangers of going back to Hogwarts. [PROOF/QUOTE CHAPTER 2] Harry ignores Dobby despite how hard he tries to convince him, but this doesn’t faze Dobby’s ways.…show more content…
Tom Riddle’s diary was a scheme that was planned almost twenty years before the actual occurrence happened. The diary was passed on to one of Voldemort’s death eaters, Lucius Malfoy, many years before Ginny actually attended Hogwarts. Voldemort’s patience and persistence finally achieve their goals when the diary used as a gateway to the opening of the Chamber. When Voldemort achieves access to the chamber of secrets through Ginny, he tries and tries again to kill muggle borns with the basilisk. [PROOF/QUOTE] Voldemort’s evil persistence with the Basilisk strikes fear in many at Hogwarts. When Tom Riddle shows Harry what happened back when the Chamber of secrets was opened the first time, he is determined to turn Harry on his friends by framing Hagrid years before, and then showing Harry only this part to twist his thoughts. [PROOF/QUOTE] Voldemort even tries to turn Harry against his friends to soften him up and be easier to kill. Voldemort pushes on despite how the odds aren’t in his favour and tries many times to put an end to

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