Who Is Monster In Jeffery Cohen's Monster Culture

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Monsters are not just those scary and fictional creatures we see in movies that freak us out; monsters can be created by us and can live inside us. Monsters can be normal people just like us. Monsters do not only scare us by their hugeness and sickening appearance; they scare us by the way they act and the way they react. In fact, people are interested in monsters, and their desires create them. The essay “Monster Culture” by Jeffery Cohen analyzes cultures through the monsters from which they rise. In this essay I will argue that Voldermort from Harry Potter series, Norman Bates from Psycho the movie, and the German Dictator Adolf Hitler who killed millions of people support Cohen’s theses that the monster always escapes, the monster is the Harbinger of Category Crisis, and the monster Dwells at the Gates of Difference. “Monster Culture” by Jeffery Cohen expounds the idea that the society creates monsters, and that monsters help us understand more about cultures because they are a reflection of the society. In his essay, he analyzes cultures by its monsters. He uses a sophisticated,…show more content…
Wizards do not dare to say his name, but they say “You-know-who” instead. Voldermort killed Harry’s parents when Harry was a baby, but he failed killing him, which is the reason why he attempts to kill harry in every part of the series. In contrast, he always escapes when he is weak and return back when he gets stronger. However, no matter how many times voldermort is killed, he will always find away to return to life. Furthermore, Voldermort appears in different shapes and features in the series for example, in the Chamber of secrets he was a teenager guy. Voldermort clarifies Cohen’s thesis that the monster always escapes, he says, “[…] but the monster itself turns immaterial and vanishes, to reappear someplace

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