True Friendship In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

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The Outsiders Friendship is something that expresses many obstacles through its time. To be able to comprehend someone's problems, feelings and situations. Ponyboy, a young boy in a gang known as the “Greasers” can always count on his brothers and his friends to be there whenever he's in need. In many circumstances Pony and his friends showed true friendship by having each others back, caring for each other and being there when it really matters. In the book the Outsiders, the author S.E Hinton expresses that true friendship can lead to protection, empathy and encouragement. In the book the Outsiders, the author S.E Hinton gives many examples of how a true friendship can lead to protection. For example Sodapop always takes up for Ponyboy. So every time Pony gets in trouble Soda will try to take the blame for him. That shows Soda doesn't like it when his younger brother gets in trouble so he tries to protect him any way possible. Pony also knows a good friend named Dallas Winston will protect him through anything. Even if it's pulling him out from a flaming church or telling him where to go when he's hiding from the police.…show more content…
In the book the Outsiders there is numerous signs of Empathy, for instance the night Johnny killed Bob, Ponyboy and Johnny asked Dally for help so he gave them a gun, some money and told them to go to a town named Windrixville to hide from the police. This showed Dally had to really take this situation seriously, as if he himself had done it. Also when Cherry told Pony "Things are rough all over." When Cherry says this, it encourages Ponyboy to see Socs as normal people, and he starts to question the whole conflict between the two

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