Unbroken Inaccuracies

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In Honors U.S. History we spent a great amount of time focused on World War II and the effect the battle had on the entire world. The film Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie, focuses on the struggles and accomplishments of Louis Zamperini, an olympic athlete who finds himself in battle during the Second World War. The second film, The Imitation Game, explores the life of Alan Turing and his creating of the enigma machine, which helped to crack Nazi codes during World War II. Although they take place in different parts of the world, both films are fundamental parts in understanding World War II history. Unbroken unfolds through a series of flashbacks of young Louis Zamperini’s life, then flashing forward to the present war time. The Zamperini…show more content…
The film is based off of Laura Hillenbrand’s biography titled Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and and Redemption. In the film version, Zamperini’s career as a track star happened by pure chance when his brother witnessed him running away after being caught trying to look up girls’ skirts. However, in the book, Zamperini became a star runner after girls pushed him to participate in a track meet they had organized. Perhaps purposefully, the film left out a plot to murder “Bird.” In the book it is described as follows: “The men would leap onto the Bird and pull him to the top floor of the barracks, overlooking the drop to the Hokura River. There, they would lash him to a large rock and shove him out the window. When he struck the water below, the rock would carry him under. He would never draw another breath”…show more content…
During the 1950s in Britain, being gay was considered to be a capital crime, and people were persecuted for pursuing these feelings. Instead of being sent to jail for being homosexual, Turing began chemical castration. His mental and physical health began deteriorating as a result. It has been theorized that this process was so tortuous for Turing, that he committed suicide as a result of having to stifle his gay

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