Keeping Secrets In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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There are a lot of events that happen in Romeo and Juliet that people can interpret in different ways. It could be seen as a waste of two good souls, a love that was not meant to be, or that when you touch something you are not suppose to you will die. People only see the love that Romeo and Juliet show each other in Romeo and Juliet, but I look at the dark side of it, the one that most people do not or cannot look at. I see how keeping secrets can kill people and how when people are pushed against a corner, they make stupid choices. A perfect example of this is when Romeo watched his best friend die, lost it and went on a rampage to kill Tybalt without thinking of what might happen because of it. Also, when Juliet was forced into a corner, she made a huge mistake instead of marrying Paris. She took a sleeping potion and made the one she wanted to be with kill himself because he could not live without her. A number of themes appeared, but the one that pops up the most is keeping secrets. The main reason why people died in this play was because of all because of the secrets that were kept between Romeo and Juliet. When things got bad they could not say anything because it was a secret.…show more content…
The only thing I saw in this whole play is two people using the other to get something they want. Juliet used Romeo to avoid getting married to Paris, choosing instead to wait until she is ready to love someone for who they are. Romeo only wants Juliet because of the way she looks; he loved with his eyes and not with his heart. There was no true love from the heart. I believe what Shakespeare was trying to say was that if you rush into a relationship you might end up hurt or you might hurt the people around you. Also, if you push love too much you might be the one who destroy the love between you and your lover. It would have been wise for them to take their time and see if they get

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