Harrison Bergeron: A Dystopian Society

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A Utopian society is a world that is considered perfect. Unfortunately, a society that is seeking perfection usually becomes a dystopian society. A dystopian society is a society that is dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible. Harrison Bergeron’s world and N. Korea both shared these traits. Both societies were ruled by a dictator that took away their freedom. Harrison Bergeron is a story based on a society being all equal and having no individual thinking rights, this story takes place in the future of 2081. In this story many people that were smarter than an average person was suppose to wear ear handicaps at all times no matter what the Circumstances were. The men and women that looked better in their way of an average person had to wear mask forever. They also wore weights for the strong.…show more content…
In Harrison they eat well and for the most [art differently, they just had to look the same. North Korea’s can’t even leave to go to South Korea, a part of their country right beside them. These people don’t pick their next ruler or nothing, just stuck in a horrible position. There ruler lives like royalty as it is in any country, but his people eat less and basically have no or little of food because of beef between both the North and South Koreans. US Americans provide for the South Koreans, but give lack of to the northerners. They stand on the peak of the border between both wondering if or when there would be somebody to come out of North Korea or possibly but unlikely in. They don’t have to wear handicaps or anything but I bet the civilians in this fight wish they could trade places with any other person in the world. They have to be forced to accept it’s place and how they live and we live way better than them, but just take it for granted like it was suppose to be this way. This diverse society has made people happily living or poorly instead of the

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