Harrison Bergeron: A Dystopian Society

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A Utopian society is a world that is considered perfect. Unfortunately, a society that is seeking perfection usually becomes a dystopian society. A dystopian society is a society that is dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible. Harrison Bergeron’s world and N.korea both shared these traits. Both societies were ruled by a dictator that took away their freedom. In Harrison Bergeron’s society all of their freedom was restricted (taken away). In Harrison Bergeron’s society no one could have any type of independency, all the citizens had to be the same. No one could be prettier than the other, no one could be smarter than the other, or stronger than the other. In this society the people couldn’t even think for themselves, if they did so they…show more content…
North Korean citizens had absolutely no contact with the outside world, they couldn’t have cell phones or computers. In this society they had no access to what they could eat or the money they make, the people were very poor while their president Kim Jong-Un was very rich. They couldn’t leave the country if you tried to leave you would be killed, even if you committed a crime a crime you wouldn’t be the only one who had to go to jail your entire family had to because he feels as if you’re related to them then you’d do the same thing. They also had to praise their president KIm Jong-Un as seen in the video clip when the americans went to see how people in North Korea lived there, the man laid down to get a full picture of the president’s statue and they were told they have to leave the next day because your not suppose to lay down when looking at this statue. This country has basically outcasted itself, you have to ask permission to get into the country, they’re also not close with their neighbors in South Korea. They’ve been separated by language and culture in the video they also have a lack in good condition their hospital wasn’t even a hospital they had sick people/ kids laying on the floor dying, they couldn’t have of their families in their houses it had to be pictures of their

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