Ralph Strangis: Why Do We Inject Patriot Acts Into Sports?

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In the article by Ralph Strangis, titled “Ralph Strangis: Why do we inject patriot acts into sports?” ,Strangis is befuddled as to why honoring soldiers and songs of patriotism is a part of sports culture. Strangis believes that the reason why patriotism is so prevalent is because it’s a symbol that has always been embedded and is now being used as a way to recruit for the armed forces. In the article Strangis talks about how frequently one hears patriotic songs and now even witness soldiers being honored for their service at games. The article raises the question of whether or not there is sincerity in the traditions and ceremonies that are associated with the military in sports. Strangis talks to a former service member who thinks that what started as a show of gratitude has devolved into an agenda to sell up the armed services. Strangis talks about the history of the Star Spangled banner and how it became associated with sports. Then he expresses why God Bless America was played. Strangis refers to how the sporting leagues benefit from the military and how the war has…show more content…
He also use his own special knowledge from working for the NHL, and The Espionage Act law to show cause and effect. Plus, Strangis uses a statistics and public information associated with the military. The article lack sufficient support but the support that is used is relevant to the topic. The audience reading would be more inquisitive and in their late twenties and older that like sports and are supporters of more liberal ideals. Strangis’s argument is effect especially when he gives information about marketing dollars but could be strengthened with more data and interviews from members of military instead of just using one person as the source of opinion. Also, the mention of the stepbrother could have been expanded by providing more detail of his

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