Demon-Personal Narrative

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My ears buzz with an extremely high pitch noise and my head refuses to stop spinning the room in circles. I can’t make out anything in the room except giant shapes. I remember everything that happened before I was knocked out. A moving blur approaching me causes my head to throb even more. I try to move, but my body only grunts in response. I hurt everywhere and I want to just lay here and wait until the pain passes. Except the pain doesn’t pass, and I have to move. I don’t know if the demon is dead or alive, but the approaching blur causes me to start moving. As I try to move, my arms barely move and my legs don’t even stir. I finally move rolling onto my side and a groan escapes my lips. I spit, the taste of blood lingering in my mouth. The only good thing about the pain is, it’s a sign that everything still works. I can wiggle my toes, which means my back isn’t broken and the pain in my legs feels more like bruises than any breaks or sprains. My arms are slowly starting to support me. The…show more content…
The yellow core worked and now the once scaly monster of a demon is scattered across the room in little and big pieces. It’s a gory sight with blood staining nearly everywhere, including some on me. I know it’s not my blood because it’s much darker and thicker. I’m just glad I didn’t explode with the demon, despite how my body feels. “And you killed it?” she continues. I sigh. “It was more of group effort.” “You mean Jagger helped you?” Felix questions in disgust. “Yeah, you’d be surprised how motivated people become when their lives are threatened by a giant shape-shifting demon,” I reply, some amusement in my voice. “He figured he couldn’t kill me without the demon killing him.” “But the demon died and he didn’t kill you?” Felix relies. “He left instead, why?” I throw him an irritated look. “How in the hell would I know why? That man is absolutely insane.” “It still doesn’t make sense. Jagger isn’t one to leave the people he hates alive,” Thorn

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