Harrison Bergeron

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A Dystopia is an imaginary illusion of a perfect society where the government literally controls people's lives mentally and physically, diminish their quality of life. Most lives in a dystopian society are controlled by a dictator in power, who enslaves their mind in order to rip them away from their own sanity. 1984, is a dystopian novel written by George Orwell, the protagonist, Winston Smith is a 39 year-old man living in a corrupted society controlled by Big Brother, and terrified to express his individuality. “Harrison Bergeron” is a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut, the protagonist, Harrison Bergeron is a 14 year-old boy who vanishes in the night his parents left cruelty manipulated by mental radio controlled by Handicap General.…show more content…
“ Big Brother is watching you” ( Orwell 7). Big Brother monitors everyone’s actions to make sure there’s no thought crime going on. Just like “Harrison Bergeron” their dictator, Handicap General uses mental radios to control the brainiacs. “ Nobody was smarter than anybody” ( Vonnegut 1). The Handicap General required George to wear mental radios at all times to distract him from thinking independently. Similar, “Robocop” , robots scan their civilian bodies from head to toe. “ In the Sun Teheran locals embrace a body scan” (Padilha scene 1). Robots scan civilians daily to make sure their not think about committing a terroristic crime. Secondly, 1984 , “Harrison Bergeron”, and “Robocop” society dress differently. Winston Smith wears overalls. “ The meagerness of his blue overalls” ( Orwell 6). Winston required for wear them because he's part of the outer part. Yet, Ballerinas wear a mask in “Harrison Bergeron”. “ She must be beautiful, her mask is hideous” ( Vonnegut 3). Pretty women had worn mask because Handicap General was jealous of their beauty. On the other hand, Alex dress like cyborg. “ its not a suit it’s you” ( Padilha scene 2). Dr. Norton required to any human to be amputated after explosion, transforming them into a robot. Next, the dystopian novels use control systems to maintain their
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